Employee Benefits

bmwi8At HRUX we have a great deal of experience in helping employers with all aspects of their employees, in particular; PAYE compliance, company cars and flexible benefit schemes.

We have been involved in reviewing and designing reward/ benefit schemes, assisting in (non-risk) benefits selection, developing software platforms to enable employee communication and choice and obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals.

These are areas where we’ve seen massive recent change in both law and HMRC focus. In particular, new rules introduced from April 2017 have led to major changes in the way salary sacrifices and cash options are taxed.  To this there are on-going increases in company car tax, confusion around the treatment of diesel vehicles and many decisions which have clouded the traditional arguments for providing company cars.

HRUX can provide clarity on the cost implications and potential options for an employer; looking at all your employee benefits and in particular company cars during this period of change.  We remain independent from benefit providers and leasing companies, and have no vested interest in any particular outcome.

In our experience substantial savings can be created by reviewing these arrangements.

HRUX would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss any aspect of your employee taxes or benefit arrangements.