Employment Tax

Taxes and National Insurance levied on employment accounts for approaching half of all UK tax revenues. Taxing employment is huge business for the exchequer. The vast bulk of these taxes are self assessed by employers and collected on HMRCs behalf. Despite this we have some of the most complex rules in the world backed up with aggressive penalties for non compliance. Ignorance, we are told is not an excuse.

We have over 40 years combined experience advising in this space.

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IR35 and the new regime from April 2021


Payment in Lieu Of Notice (PILONS)


Payroll audits

Salary sacrifice and OpRA

Expenses audits

Are you due an HRMC inspection visit?


Scottish personal tax rates explored

Scottish personal tax rates explored

Who’d have guessed I lived in a tax haven? I’m no expert on Scottish politics, but it seems some commentators are suggesting the SNP coalition with the Greens may lead to higher taxes. This is maybe a good point to remind us all that the combined effect of income tax...

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More on falling company cars numbers

More on falling company cars numbers

In 2010 the average company car emitted 147g/km of CO2, had a scale charge (the List Price x SC%) of £3,865 and the average company car driver had a marginal tax rate of 31.9%. By 2020 the CO2 emissions had fallen by 24% to 111g/km of CO2 and, despite this, the...

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