What is esparx?

esparx is an affordable online tool developed by HRUX to take the pain out of employee communication and related HR operational management.

esparx uses data from multiple sources, to identify tasks that need doing, generating highly personal, timely and actionable messages (“sparx”) to the employee, their line managers or HR partners.

The system is highly configurable. You build the selection criteria and messages on-screen with potentially multiple actions automatically triggered by each “event”. The underlying data flow matches the criteria and message content – literally drag and drop the fields you need.

HRUX proud to have been nominated in three categories for the WSB awards in September 2019

Ineffective communication?

Everyone seems to accept that employee engagement is critical – and that effective communication is absolutely key to driving engagement, but:

  • So much information is broadcasted indiscriminately;
  • Communication which is untargeted, complex, with no common themes or messages;
  • Conflicting messages treated as “spam” by employees;
  • Multiple sources of material, often arriving at the same time – key messaging out-sourced to 3rd party providers of underlying services who have been “white-listed”;
  • Growing risks of sharing personally identifiable data with 3rd party agencies;
  • Acceptance at senior level that a high proportion of messaging completely misses its mark…

Communication is both accepted as a critical element of an employers strategy, but simultaneously many employers accept that it simply doesn’t work!

Streamlined operations

If communication with employees works, i.e. a high proportion of messages are seen and understood by the workforce, there is then the prospect of real process improvement.

Automating key messaging so employees receive the messages they need, on a timely basis, has the potential to:

  • Improve the link between communicating actions and those actions being taken;
  • Improve the efficiency of the entire organisation;
    Cut the amount of work required to share and follow up incomplete actions; and,
  • Cut the resource required to support employees attempting to “put right” what they didn’t do at the appropriate time.

In effect; the proposition has the potential to hugely improve the effectiveness of an organisation, reducing losses due to errors and incomplete tasks.


How it Works

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esparx helps Travis Perkins win two Employee Benefit awards

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Why employee communication needs a complete rethink…

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Travis Perkins & eSparx

Travis Perkins & eSparx

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