HRUX is a specialist business that designs and develops technology to assist Employment Tax and Human Resources teams.  We have developed a number of “off-the-shelf” products as detailed on this website.

We have a small core team of technical experts who work with specialist graphic design and developers to build solutions for ourselves and for our clients.

Although the focus is on technology to support process and compliance our goal is always to develop tools that are easy to use and attractive.

In addition to off-the-shelf we are available to work on bespoke products for clients with specific needs – we are happy to work on the basis that our involvement is undisclosed and the client owns the resulting IP.  Our focus is on adding value in the long term.

Extensive use of contractors allow us to scale up and down to meet clients needs.  With some of our partners we have a relationship going back over 15 years.

Finally we understand the value of a proof of concept – and we always prioritise our builds around producing early demo versions.