Travel Audit

tracker HRUX allows the analysis and audit of both Travel policies for mileages claimed and also the complex rules around what is classified as a permanent workplace.

Some of the key benefits of using the Travel Audit module include:

  • Employer configuration of a company’s Travel Policy
  • Ability to analyse the ‘HMRC Triangular rules’ (where used)
  • Comparison of the business trips claimed against Google Map based API feed
  • Calculation of business trip locations to permanent work places and compare back against HMRC complex rules
  • Identification of potential savings from erroneous claims
  • Assessment of potential tax risks from incorrectly identified work places and any reimbursed expenses
  • Potential savings that employees may be entitled to claim back from HMRC in respect of triangular rules (where used)
  • Summary screens showing number of employees and saving amounts to date
  • Ability to export all data into Excel for further reporting and analysis