P11D Software

Our P11D product supports all aspects of P11D management. It is one of the most comprehensive and yet easy to use systems on the market. Use it to prepare OpRA compliant forms P11D at the year end, or manage your benefits through the year to produce P46(car) and even report benefits via payroll.


Reasons to get them right and on time:


Delayed P11D submissions

Delayed P11D(b) submissions

Incorrect P11D submissions

Incorrect P11D(b) submissions

You will be charged  interest on any late submissions

Late filing of P11Ds may incur a penalty of £300

A further penalty of £60 a day can then be applied

Penalty for late filing of P11D(b) is £100 per 50 employees for each month, or part month, the return is outstanding after the 6 July deadline

Incorrect filings of P11Ds can be penalised up to £3,000 per form

Incorrect filing of P11D(b) and late payments of Class 1A NICs also attract penalties

Data validation summary

Easily Integrate & Validate

  • Download software directly to your computer
  • Easily transfer data from previous system to new system
  • Simple to use
  • Data validation

View all employees and their benefits

Successfully Process & Communicate

  • OpRA compliant
  • Full reporting suite to help employers understand the costs of benefits
  • Able to send communications via email, post or HTML
  • Used successfully in numerous organisations

Individual Benefit Reports for all employees

  • P46 car report for each employee
  • P11D output for each employee


More on falling company cars numbers

More on falling company cars numbers

In 2010 the average company car emitted 147g/km of CO2, had a scale charge (the List Price x SC%) of £3,865 and the average company car driver had a marginal tax rate of 31.9%. By 2020 the CO2 emissions had fallen by 24% to 111g/km of CO2 and, despite this, the...

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CO2 emissions fall as company car numbers fall

CO2 emissions fall as company car numbers fall

Almost exactly as predicted by HRUX two years ago, HMRC confirmed last week that the total number of company cars reported in 2019/20 has fallen to 800,000*, which is down 160,000 since 2016. That’s 160,000 people who’ve moved from a regime where CO2 is tightly...

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Our P11D survey

So how was it for you? Your 2020/21 P11Ds should have been submitted... We’d been predicting people would experience issues obtaining company car CO2 and ZER values. We’ve also had feedback that not all P11D software providers were prompt with their releases, and that...

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