Welcome to HRUX


Human Resources User eXperience is a new company which focuses on delivering technology and process based solutions for clients with complex tax and related issues.

Our approach

  • Over 60 years experience with “Big4” accounting firms
  • We use technology to solve tax, pensions, process & related communication issues
  • Truly innovative; seek to find solutions that work in the short, medium & long term
  • Relishing the freedom to engage in innovation to develop new ideas and new approaches
  • Advisers on all aspects of employment, international executive tax, pensions and related issues

Our Strategy

  • We listen to our clients
  • We develop pragmatic ideas and solutions that really solve your issues
  • Building our reputation is fundamental to everything we do
  • We add real value
  • We use multiple development resources to identify the best technologies with a focus on graphic design and enhancing the user experience
  • We have no corporate ego – we innovate to benefit your brand, not ours

What we do

Broadly speaking HRUX operates in three areas:

  1. Consultancy services in the Employment Tax, HR, Expatriate space and in all areas of Pensions (corporate, trustee or employee)
  2. Provision of proprietary software solutions for specific Employment Tax process and compliance issues; and
  3. The design and build of bespoke IT solutions

More information can be found throughout this website.