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David Chandler and Harvey Perkins have spent much of their professional careers advising employers on company cars, and neither can remember a time where there was more change in the market than there is now.

HRUX have one of the most successful company car advisory consultancies in the UK, with over 30 major projects successfully completed in just the last 12 months. We have over 40 years’ practical experience gained with “Big4” accounting firms and we have a proven track record of providing clear, independent and relevant advice.  From large companies listed on the FTSE with thousands of company cars through to small SMEs with just a handful, HRUX help companies of all size, sector and geography.

We’ve advised OEMs, banks, funders, brokers and fleet operators and are regular contributors to the trade press and speakers at industry events.  

HRUX have a driven desire to deliver clear and independent advice to our clients. If you have any questions about the areas below, or concerns on your policy/ procedures in these areas, get in touch.


Is your car fleet compliant with the tax rules?

Do you want to move towards electric or plug in hybrid electric cars?

Are you paying too much tax/NIC on company cars?

Have you considered salary sacrifice for electric company cars, in whole or part?

Do you still pay for employee’s private fuel?

Are your cash allowances appropriate given the increases we’ve seen in company car tax?

Are you concerned that you may not be properly differentiating business and commuting mileage?

Are you due an HRMC inspection visit?

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How many cars didn’t sell in 2020 and 2021?

How many cars didn’t sell in 2020 and 2021?

1.5 million cars. You could argue that’s how many DIDN’T sell in the UK in 2020 and 2021. This is comparing the average of 2.4m for the three preceding years to the 1.6m registered in both 2020 and 2021. If we assume the cars we didn’t buy cost an average of £30,000...

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A look into the cars registered in 2021

A look into the cars registered in 2021

Clearly we need to be careful reading too much into 2021 UK new car registrations given the crazy year we’ve just had. A combination of COVID and chip shortages meant that overall only 1.65m cars were registered, slightly up on 2020 but well short of “normal”. In...

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Government cut the plug-in grant

Staggered to report that the Government has cut the plug In grant to £1,500 (from £2,500) for cars costing £32,000 (down from £35,000) or less with immediate effect. We’ve posted three times in recent weeks about the need to keep the pressure up to get people to...

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