Can I let you into a little secret? Most of the LinkedIn posts I write get rejected by my partners for being too ranty! I know! Me? Ranty?!

It may not surprise you therefore to hear that I’ve had a couple of potential posts rejected these last couple of days about the rise in company car tax on diesels in the Budget.

So here are some purely factual statements:

– The car market is down overall 12% year on year, led by a decline in diesel sales of 30%.

– The SMMT estimate that the Automotive market contributes £72bn to the UK, employing 1m.

– If Euro VI compliant diesel cars are such a problem to the environment where are the stats to prove it (note that commercial vehicles were left untouched in the Budget)?

– The 1% extra on a diesel company car will hit almost every employee who has one. This means the Government have effectively broken a promise to give advance notice of tax rises so that people aren’t locked into contracts with higher taxes than expected.

– This rise comes on top of significant annual rises in company car tax.

– Companies are only operating this many diesel cars because it’s been the policy of successive Governments to promote them.

There’s an editorial in Autocar that sums this up well and I’ll link it in the comments below.