30,000 business miles a year – which makes more sense: Skoda Superb Estate or a Nissan Navara pick-up?

No I’ve not driven either. And yes, I too fancy the full size “Tonka Toy” Navara. BUT 30,000 miles a year in a pick-up?!

I’ve just completed a fleet review for a client with lots of pick-ups and we ran the maths – Navara with fuel versus Skoda Superb as a company car, with and without private fuel, versus the same Skoda under ECO. The results are summarised on the slide below.

Broadly we could beat the Navara with the Skoda but only in the ECO. As a company car (with fuel) the Skoda was £22,238 net more expensive over 3 years.

That’s just a completely weird and counter-intuitive result isn’t it? Arguably damaging to the environment, the economy and I wouldn’t wonder if it wasn’t damaging the poor employee’s bottom too. Is that a thing? “Pick-up bottom”?