I had a quick drive in a Tesla 3 and I was simply blown away. I had my reservations beforehand, not helped by the quality of a pre production car I’d sat in previously….

The drivetrain was simply amazing. Acceleration defies belief. And – in contrast to the Tesla X I drove a couple of years ago – the 3 has the ride and handling to match.

The interior I liked – very simple, and all that glass. I was worried about the absence of a traditional instrument cluster but I didn’t miss it and everything seemed to work very intuitively.

I’m not sure the interior quality is quite up there for £50k, in particular the quality of the plastics. The one I drove had a creaky dash (it doesn’t help the car is otherwise near silent!)

Overall an amazing car let down just a little, in my personal view, by the quality of the materials used in the interior. This is the area where a £50k traditional car usually scores very highly. But it’s also surely an area that’s easy for Tesla to improve? So very close to greatness and surely the new benchmark?