What difference does 3 miles make?

About £60 a month?

The (brilliant) BMW 330e PHEV (SE) was listed at 41 electric range on the BMW website – except now it seems to say 38?

We keep pointing this out – but these ranges are really important for company car tax. Register a sub 51g/km PHEV on or after 6 April 2020 and the tax on a 40mile plus car is based upon 6% of list price in 2020/21. 39 or less? 10% (8% and 12% respectively if registered before 6 April).

That’s still a good deal – but the extra 4% matters because the list price is relatively high (covering the expensive battery and motors) so the extra tax could be up to £60 a month (for a 40% taxpayer).

We need to get better at understanding the importance of these electric only ranges in PHEVs. Does anyone know if there’s a version of the 330e that will get into the 40s?