Based on numerous conversations with senior HR folk it’s very clear that communication with employees is a major issue. Everyone accepts that employee engagement is a key business issue, and every company seeks to improve it in dozens of different ways. Every pitch I’ve ever seen from providers stresses the role that effective communication will play in rolling out whatever initiative they are bidding for. And I know I have, as I’m sure you have, seen some really compelling employee communication materials. But time and time again the engagement from employees is underwhelming.




Have you ever had an employee, often one who’s leaving, tell you that somebody else offers something you don’t, only to discover that it is a benefit you provide? How does that happen?  It’s very galling to sit down with an intelligent inquisitive human being who tells you you’re not doing something that you’ve spent ages doing – and spending a fortune in doing so.


Based on my experience with clients over many years I think a big issue isn’t that there’s not enough communication – it’s that there’s often too much. A huge firework will get a lot of attention, but not on bonfire night. And the more you communicate – and the harder you work to make each message impactful – the more you increase the din that makes it harder for the employee to hear one single message.


This is why we developed esparx. There’s a number of things we think esparx does that gives it an advantage – but the key one is that we can build employee trust in it. We’ve clear examples now where employees at Travis Perkins have given their overwhelming attention to a message delivered by esparx. Our goal here has been to make these messages 100% personal, relevant, brief and actionable. And in so doing we’ve started to build a digital assistant that employees appear to trust.


From here we are working with Travis to reduce blanket communications from other channels. Gone are the days where each new provider of a benefit or service will be “white listed” and effectively given licence to add to the cacophony.


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