Why are people picking on Toyota and Lexus for the phrase “self-charging hybrid?”

My taxi home from the station last night was in a Toyota Auris Hybrid estate, which was averaging 78.4mpg. This was around Milton Keynes, which is all roundabout then 70mph then roundabout. That’s seriously impressive surely?

Some facts:
• The cars in question emit MUCH less CO2 than their full ICE petrol equivalents (RAV4 4wd 101g/km, Audi Q5 165g/km)
• They emit a fraction of NOX; especially around town in start stop traffic where they use electric for much of the time.
• They are readily available in the sort of volumes we need (RAV4 notwithstanding, such has the demand been)
• They use a tiny fraction of the Cobalt, etc, that BEVs & PHEVs need.

So where’s the beef? You don’t like the phrase “self-charging hybrid”? Which bit is wrong? Are they not hybrids? Do they not charge from their own powertrains? In the absence of a 3 pin plug, where did people think they got the electricity from – by post?

I can only imagine how expensive this technology was to develop and how hard Toyota has worked to bring us these cars. Some credit due I think!