There’s a lot of debate on LinkedIn and in the press about the 2035 PHEV ban this morning. Given we were running our Company Car seminar in Manchester, we decided to discuss it with our audience.

Here are the main questions that came up:
1. If you’ve more than one BEV, how will home charging work? And what do you do if you don’t have off-street parking? We’re talking approx 33 million cars in the UK after all.
2. If the Government were planning this then why did they not mention it during the election?
3. If, as so many contributors are saying, BEVs are going to be so much cheaper and easier than ICE, why do we need a ban anyway?
4. Where’s HMG going to get the circa £35bn a year in taxes it currently gets from ICE and hybrid cars?

15 years is a long time of course, and plenty could still change, but we left the EU just 5 days ago. It just seems strange to be announcing something that will have such a huge impact on investment in the UK right now…