Back in November I posted about how the limited availability of cobalt and other metals has the potential to limit BEV take-up.

UK BEV sales could struggle to rise significantly from a base in 2019 of just 1.6% of all new car registrations. Even with a tripling of supply this would still leave 95% of new cars needing conventional engines for years to come.

Where are we at with replacement battery technologies? Surely HMG’s plan to ban PHEVs in just 15 years relies on sustainable replacements for lithium ion coming on line now, and not in eight years?

The link to my article is below. I’ve focused on Cobalt but continue to read horror stories about the availability of Lithium, etc, and the environmental consequences of extraction. EVs are clearly a huge part of future but to hit 100% in 15 years time we’ll need to see massive improvements in supply starting right now?

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