We’re bringing our company car seminar roadshow to London on the 4th of March, presenting from 9am at the Law Society. This will be our 21st seminar and the feedback from the previous 20 seminars is excellent; overall we average 4.8 out of 5 stars from over 250 companies who’ve attended.

The seminar focuses on the rules for company cars and how these are changing. We look specifically at the rules for EVs and PHEVs. We also consider private fuel, touch on the rules for LCVs and pick-ups. Finally, we look at cash options and the use of AMAPs.

There’s a fee of £199 for the first delegate from a company, and £49 for each additional delegate.

Offsetting the fee, there will be birthday cake as one of us will be celebrating turning 55!

So if you want to come along please send me a private message.

If you are interested but can’t make the 4th, I’ve set out below alternative dates and locations, and yes there will be a tour t-shirt.