I like cars, I think they are cool. I freely accept that you may not, and that’s cool too.

And as a fan of cars I’m inevitably a fan of electric cars. I read a lot about Jay Leno (the famous US comedian and classic car collector) saying he thought electric was the future. And he does, and he’s right. He’s not selling his Spitfire (Merlin) engined Roll Royce or the 1960s jet car either though…

And that’s the thing; BEV fans are pushing against an open door. Make electric cars in volume and at the right price and you’ll have no more trouble selling them than they had selling electric lights to people with kerosene lamps.

So what’s the ban for? Why are the people who are so focused on the superiority of electric also the ones so fired up to ban older technologies?

If you build it, they will come.

Put it another way, in 2035 we’ll all be in electric cars as long as they are available at the right price and capability, whether there’s a ban or not.

I will still want a Spitfire engined Rolls Royce.