I believe in electric vehicles. I believe in an electric future.

However right now, at the risk annoying some, I believe there is an issue.

In 2019, around 38,000 new ZEVs were registered in the UK. Supply issues for the essential ingredients in lithium ion batteries may well limit registrations for the next 2 to 5 years. If we’re banning all other types of motor by 2035 (or even 2032!) we may have just ten years to do it. Between 2025 and 2035 it is likely that average sales will need to rise by around 300,000+ units a year.

In the meantime around 33m brits will drive something else. And I believe for them the Government has no carrot; it will all be stick. This will likely include 700,000 or so company cars, and I’m really worried those drivers may have lost any real financial incentive to limit CO2.

This doesn’t make me any less of a ZEV evangelist, it makes me a realist. If we are serious about cutting CO2 we need to cut taxes on cars that emit less than (say) 105g/km in the short to medium term.