Jaguar E-pace vs I-pace. How much CO2 have they emitted so far?

These two Jags are built together in Graz, Austria, and will be delivered to customers in the UK after 5th April. They are broadly similar sizes and do the same job. One is “zero emission” the other a 2 litre diesel.

The company car tax on the E-pace would make you cry, the I-pace is effectively tax free.

As they stand how much CO2 are they responsible for right now, with no miles on their clocks, to construct and ship them to the end user?

One has 600kg of lithium ion battery in it, that was made in Korea (though it’s not unusual for the metal to be mined in one country, before roasted in another and prepared for construction in a third) and shipped to Austria on a diesel freighter.

So how do the cars compare then? How much CO2 has the I-pace emitted already, without turning a wheel, versus how much the E-pace emits during its life? Why isn’t that information published? We put a lot of effort into tailpipe emissions, but if you really care about CO2 you’d want to know wouldn’t you?