It can still be a little difficult to get information on the electric only range of a PHEV.

The range is important because, in the UK, it now drives the company car liability and this can be very low. For many company car drivers, PHEVs are now a very attractive choice.

The graph shows the impact of range on a PHEV with a List Price of £40k. As you can see, just 1 mile of extra range could halve the tax that you pay.

Under WLTP, the reported electric range can be impacted by optional extras, so you need to be careful that bigger alloys (as an example) don’t drop you into a higher tax band (with the double whammy that they’ll often also increase the LP).

The last bar in the graph (the red one) is the company car tax on a £40,000 conventional petrol for comparison. It’s worth remembering that the technology in a PHEV means their list prices tend to be higher. That said, if the 135g/km petrol in my example had a list price of £30k the tax would be £3,600, which is still much higher than the £40k PHEV.