I commented yesterday on a post by Volkswagen AG announcing their new car transport ship which is LNG powered and will emit around 25% less CO2 than a conventional ship.

According to VW “carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by up to 25 percent, nitrogen oxide by up to 30 percent, soot particles by up to 60 percent and sulphur oxide by 100 percent.” That’s just good news period right? If all new ships met the same standard that would be a huge positive for the planet.

BUT, if you read through the other comments to that post, you find the inevitable complaint that the ship isn’t “zero emission”. And, not for the first time, I wonder why these companies bother with hugely expensive innovations that massively reduce the environmental impact of essential activity, when the reaction they get is to be chastised for not achieving the impossible, immediately.

With cars this is analogous to the reaction Toyota often get with their “self-charging hybrids”, real world technology that works now and can have huge impact on global CO2, and local NOX, emissions, to the benefit of everyone.

If we can cut CO2 now, whilst we wait for better technologies to come, then surely we should?