Yesterday evening I ventured into the shopping centre in Milton Keynes, just to see how it was working.

They’ve implemented a number of safe distancing protocols including a one way system for pedestrians. There are huge stickers on the ground and on podiums showing people the directions they need to walk in.

And yet dozens of people seemed to be simply ignoring them; walking the wrong way, getting too close. It was like they couldn’t see the signs.

Why? It could hardly have been clearer what you were supposed to do and we’re all well aware why it’s so important we do.

And then there was one lady politely stopping people and pointing to the signs and sure enough they’d then comply; as far as I could see she was 100% successful.

It’s analogous to employee communication which often produces such poor results when broadcast indiscriminately, regardless of how well designed, clear and important the messaging is. Targeted, direct and timely communication is the way forward.