In the real world, is this one of the most environmentally friendly cars on sale in Europe?

Ladies and Gentlemen; introducing the brand new 2020 Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

With its new smaller but more powerful Lithium Ion battery pack, this “self-charging hybrid” emits just 86g/km of CO2 under WLTP (64g/km under NEDC), will barely use its 1.5 litre Atkinson cycle 3 cylinder petrol engine around town, has a thermal efficiency figure of 40% and runs at a diesel-like 14:1 compression ratio. The Yaris Hybrid is built in France (so using low carbon electricity and fewer emissions to transport it to a European customer) and manages to be slighter shorter, lower and lighter than the car it replaces.

If your focus really is on reducing global pollution, not just on tailpipe emissions, then surely cars like this should be welcomed? From less than £20,000 and available in huge volumes, I would argue that cars like the Yaris hybrid can have an immediate and telling impact on global CO2 and local NOX and particulate emissions.