When I was a toddler my mum and dad had a mk1 Ford Cortina, the car that become the Sierra and is now the Mondeo. But did you know that the current generation Fiesta is around the same size as that Cortina and weighs 250kg more?

As another example, a VW Up 5dr is broadly the same size as a VW Golf Mk1, from 1981, and weighs 230kg more.

It seems to be a trick that OEMs play on us that each generation of car is a little big bigger and heavier than the one before. Given enough time the supermini of today is as big as the family car of yesterday.

Which may explain why, when your car is off the road and you get a Polo, an Up or a Fiesta as a courtesy car we all get out of it at the end of the day thinking “actually that was pretty damn good. Why am I spending three times as much on a ‘family car’?”

If we were to think again about the size of the car we actually need, something many of us are doing now as a result of COVID19, I really do think we’ll discover we can manage with less. And less means less fuel, less CO2 and related emissions and more cars fitting in less space.