This is our third post on the size of the UK car market and how it compares. This time we’re looking at Europe.

Europe registered 15.75m cars in 2019 (up 1.1% from the 15.58 in 2018).

Germany had the most registrations in 2019 at 3.61m (up 5% from 2018), the UK was 2nd at 2.31m (down 2.4%). France was a close third at 2.02m (up 1.8%) with Italy 4th and Spain 5th (1.91m and 1.29m respectively).

These five countries account for 11.3m cars, or 72% of the total, with 22 other European countries accounting for the rest (28% or 4.4m cars). Poland, the 6th largest by registrations, for example, registered 1/2m cars, with Norway 17th at 145k.

For BEV however Norway tops the charts with an amazing 60k registrations, which is 41% of their market. Germany managed 63k (1.74%), the UK 38k (1.64%), France 43k (1.95%) and Italy and Spain just over 10k each.