Read a “car crash” of an exchange on LinkedIn this morning between an advocate of EV and someone worried about the supply of Lithium (and presumably other materials) for batteries.

It was all there, disagreement yes, but conflicting data presented as facts, emotion and in the end name calling.

Why? There may be people out there who are anti-EV, but I‘ve not met one. Why can’t we have a rational debate about the timetable, about the challenges we face globally, about the future of ICE (and in particular hybrids)? Why can’t we accept there are pros and cons to both extremes of the debate and probably sensible compromise somewhere in the middle?

It’s become a bit of a mantra for me; the future is ultimately EV (and fuel cells), of that I have very little doubt, but there are issues to overcome and we are not there yet. What is clear is that society around the world needs to be able to move around, businesses need to see customers, and the UK (and global) automotive industry is far too important economically to put at further risk particularly in these difficult times. Surely there’s something in that statement we can all agree on?