I don’t know about you, but I dread reading the news every morning. I think we’re living in what the old Chinese curse would call “interesting times”!

Right in the middle of all of this chaos the Government appear to be leaking that the hybrid ban will come in 2030, or just over 9 years’ time. We’ve already commented on why we think this will be so challenging, including in our full response to the consultation.

What will be will be…whatever happens next it will be fascinating to see how engineers cope. I hope the UK automotive sector can rise to the challenge and keep all those jobs here.

I keep coming back to this though; in 9 years we’ll either have lots of high range cheap electric vehicles that everyone wants, in which case they’ll need no help to sell; or we won’t in which case the ban amounts to an attack on freedom of movement.

And I still can’t really understand why, if this is all such a good idea, Boris didn’t want to talk about it during last years’ election campaign? Surely that was the time to have a proper public debate followed by a democratic vote?