We totally support the drive to EV, BUT Elon Musk thinks global battery supply won’t even get close to meeting demand in the short to medium term. Presumably Boris Johnson is being briefed that it will.

Polestar think that one of the most advanced BEVs available will still emit 84 to 86% of the CO2 over its life as a comparative ICE (more in high carbon grids like Germany and China). But Boris is being told that they are zero emission.

We think that company car drivers are opting out in droves (and switching to private cars with much higher CO2 emissions). But Boris has it seems been told by HMRC that it’s a reporting anomaly (and their latest data is 2 1/2 years old anyway).

Maybe Boris should take the time to read some alternative perspectives? Because if Elon, Polestar, we and many others are right, what he’s doing is putting the UK automotive industry at huge risk for at best marginal environmental gains. And it’s not his advisors that history will blame.