When I used to work within the “Big4”, people often described core compliance technology for expat tax as being “free”; as in included within the compliance fees. Contrast this with other tech like equity tracking or cost projection for which there were (significant) additional fees.

Of course, we all know there is no such thing as a “free lunch”. The tech may have been “free”, the compliance services they support are anything but. With decent tax organisers and properly connected systems, the entire global tax return process should be automated. So why the big fees?

Often the answer is that the tech is actually a disparate set of older systems joined together with sticky plasters. For all the slick sales presentations, the tool set is often older and creakier behind the scenes than you’d suspect.

We’ve built expatUX using all our experience, the latest technologies and a real focus on improving the assignee experience. All our tools sit on one database utilising true automation and workflow. The implication is that for the majority of assignee returns the process can be automated. That means it is as cost effective as it could be. Not “free” you understand, because as we’ve explained, “free” in this space is often very expensive!