You’d maybe not be surprised that we know a lot of people who work in Global Mobility, and many of them spent time in a “Big4” accounting practice. After a couple of glasses of wine the conversation often turns to global compliance engagements that went wrong. Everyone seems to know of at least one, some several! And more often than not the core of the problem was a breakdown in communication between member firms.

The issue as ever if that relationships across borders don’t always run smoothly, and members firms may not even share all the same technology. Throw in an overworked client lead partner into the mix and things can become somewhat opaque.

Of course we have no magic wand. But we do have the latest technologies and the benefit of all that experience. A single global database, properly agile tools and dashboards can give everyone full visibility of a global process. Automated workflow and messaging can make sure everyone knows what they need to do. This is at the core of what expatUX does.

The image above is an actual screen shot of the data dashboard from our global compliance collaboration platform. We’d love to show you more….