There are around 33 million cars in the UK and they average over 8.3 years old. In a normal year, around 2.3m new cars are registered. This year, maybe 90k of these will be fully electric, because that’s all the UK will get. To put that in context there are 160k Porsches registered in the UK.

In the short to medium term, therefore, EV drivers impact on total (tailpipe) CO2 emissions will be small, because they are less than 0.3% (end of 2019) of the cars on the road. With the supply issue we’d argue that figure is unlikely to exceed 2% anytime soon.

Boris’s sleight of hand is to get journalists to focus on 2030 and 2035 (we’ve already explained why we think the ban is unnecessary and counter-productive). HOWEVER, surely we can all agree that something needs to be done sooner about emissions from those 33m older ICE cars?

The Government has already committed to increasing ethanol in petrol, which is a positive step. However, the tax rules are designed to focus businesses on switching to electric cars when there aren’t going to be enough. The latest ICE, MHEV and hybrids are already more CO2 efficient, and emit much less local pollution than the UK’s average car.

Now we have the ban, can we please start to focus on what’s important?