In the grand scheme of things it matters not a lot that we put a huge effort into our response to Boris’s consultation on banning ICE cars this summer; there was a paper and a webinar and a fair few articles. I’d be lying though if I said we weren’t a tad peeved that the work we did had no impact at all on what Boris chose to announce!

However you could be more annoyed that he also ignored submissions from geologists and other experts in this field, like the one received from academics at SoSMinErals. (see the link below).

SoSMinErals made the same point as one of our key findings, but with far more detail and clarity. A point also made by several other groups.

I really want an EV and it sounds like I should hurry up and get one because there may be nothing like enough of them for all of us. And if supply is massively outstripped by demand will Boris dare say “well no one told me that would happen”?