Went for a long and enjoyable walk on Christmas Eve around the Deer Park at Woburn, in the pouring rain.

On the way back we walked through Woburn town.

It’s a narrow road through the town, with cars parked along one side, a 20mph limit, and traffic can only go in one direction so they queue waiting for a gap in the oncoming flow.

And the diesel fumes were frankly awful. It came as such a shock after all that fresh air (not just that day, but over the whole covid period). Mainly it was older cars, vans and a tractor, but the air seemed to be thick with fumes and I could feel it in my lungs. And yes, that’s just Woburn on Christmas Eve, makes you wonder how bad we’d all got used to it being in city centres?

I guess it reminded me that we urgently need do something about local pollution. There are technologies available now that would make a real difference. I worry we collectively think that banning petrol and diesel from 2030, and hybrids from 2035, has solved the problem. But steps could be taken immediately to improve local air quality utilising hybrids, RDE2 compliant diesel cars, and electric good vehicles. These are real problems requiring real solutions and not just positive headlines about changes in the future?