2020 was a disastrous year for many, and in particular the UK motor industry. The SMMT have today issued their registration stats for the year which show an overall decline of 29.4% compared to 2019 (2.31m versus 1.63m in 2020)

We summarise the key data in the table below.

To note:

– Diesel is down 47.6% (combining MHEV) and petrol 32.9%.
– EV is up 185.9% at 108k
– PHEV is up 91.2% at 67k
– Combined EV, PHEV and HEV stood at 285k (17.4% of the market) , which is fantastic news for anyone with lungs.

We’ll provide more analysis, in particular on how this compares to the rest of Europe and the World over the coming weeks.