David Chandler and I have spent much of the last twenty years developing software to complete forms P11D, and we think this coming season may be the hardest yet.

Consider company cars where the rules are now near comically complex. Was the car registered before or after 6 April 2020? Is it diesel or petrol, an EV, or one of the three types of hybrid? If it’s a diesel, is it an RDE1 or 2, and what about if it’s a MHEV?

If the car is a PHEV, what’s the WLTP EV only range? Whoops, not what you or the employee thought? The question is where you get that information from, as it currently isn’t on the V5.

There remains the issues with payrolling for certain benefits and what you need to report and not report and if you have any national insurance adjustments to make.

Let’s add in arguably unhelpful and complex guidance from HMRC and software vendors who haven’t invested in their P11D products for many years because we’ve been expecting mandatory payrolling on benefits, which frankly still seems years away.

So some good news, HRUX are still investing in software and support. Twenty years in and we’re still optimising the best solution we can.