Can I ask a question please?

I’d really like the an electric car. But would I get one? They tend to be expensive and many boast realistic ranges of just 200 to 300 miles, or even less. So would you spend a load of money on it only to find that the same performance is on offer in 4 years’ time from a car costing half as much AND can do (say) 600 miles on a charge?

That’s not the question.

The question is this: do you think there will be an option to keep the EV you bought now and just change the battery for a newer better one? That’s the issue isn’t it, the batteries? They are going to get so much better and so quickly that frankly it risks undermining anything you get now?

The rest of the car will likely be sound after 3 or 4 years, and the battery that comes out will be recycled?

Or does it? Or doesn’t it? And what will this mean for replacement cycles moving forwards?