Driving is harder than I remembered. In fact, I confidently predict a rise in accidents as people who’ve been stuck at home return to the roads post lock-down.

The actual driving of the car is ok. Like riding a bike, you might say.
It’s those other three banes of modern driving; the distractions inside the car, the distractions outside and of course actually navigating to a destination.

And it’s those that maybe I’d got a little less slick at balancing. Don’t let the touch screen distract you, stay in lane, 30mph not 34, ahh the ‘phone is ringing (don’t answer it), speed limit now 40, oh look a new filter lane to turn left, and I’m not in it, and I want to go left…..

It all comes back quick enough but it made me ask two questions (and not for the first time):
1. Just how much more dangerous does “traffic management” make your journey; and
2. Why is my car so keen on me not looking at the road?!

So, in the immortal words of Sgt. Phil Esterhaus from Hill Street Blues, “let’s be careful out there”