Don’t get me wrong, I can see that being a Dalek would present a number of challenges.

However, being the Dalek HR (DR?) Director I’d imagine would be a cinch. They pretty much OBEY everything they get told and there doesn’t appear to be any status issues. In fact to promote a Dalek you just need to make a short tannoy announcement to all: “DALEK 472, REPORT TO PAINTSHOP!”

Working with humans will of course be hugely more satisfying. But communicating with humans is much more complex and nuanced. So why does so much internal communication involve shouting the same message to everyone? If you want Sarah to do something, aren’t you better off speaking directly to her? And avoid shouting. And never ever shout EXTERMINATE, as turns out human beings just don’t appreciate being addressed like that. Not at all.

Which is why we built esparx, our award-winning solution to generate personalised, direct, and data-driven employee messaging and workflow. We have approached the Daleks but they are less interested because of the whole tannoy thing. Human HRDs however should be more receptive….