So last Wednesday at 7am the Government cut EV grants across the board, and for cars over 35k they removed them altogether. They did all of this with a press release that suggested this was good news.

So was it good news? For taxpayers that can’t afford expensive electric cars, it probably felt like it. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, it’s a little hard to get your head around why someone needs a big state grant to help them buy a new motor.

EVs may be the future, but currently they remain too expensive. Yes there are still EVs that get a (now £2,500) grant, but they tend to be smaller and for the most part have pretty small ranges for your main car. Small if you’re a car fleet manager whose employees actually need to go anywhere to actually do their jobs.

And no notice. Nothing. Nada. One minute you think you’re doing your bit to save the world, the next you’re on your own. And I get they wanted to avoid a surge in orders, but Budget day was only 2 weeks ago, so why not tell us then?

This leaves us with the obvious question; what on earth is the policy. What do they want us to do? Is it PHEVs because they are looking pretty good right now? Fit for purpose, often cheaper and available. Is that what you want us to drive Boris? Is it a PHEV? Boris….?