One last comment on the EV grant. Just picking up from a point made elsewhere by Paul Gauntlett.

The EV grant isn’t the Government giving money away. Like so many of these things, it’s actually about them taking a little less.

VAT on a 25k list price car is £4,167. If the car was an EV it would probably cost £10k more, so that’s an additional £1,667 in VAT.

So for a 35k car, which gets a grant of £2,500, the “net” payment (VAT £5,833 less grant £2,500) to HMG is STILL £3,333.

The grant simply discounts the VAT.

Fleet managers get a raft of additional incentives (1% company car tax, full CT relief for rental, 100% FYA (if they buy the car), etc.), but all retail customers get is a cheery wave and a bigger VAT bill for going electric….