I hate those stories you get from time to time in the Tabloids, predicting excessive heat or snow or rain for the UK at some point in the near future. Hate them! They are rarely right as it’s almost impossible to predict weather in the near future, and really it’s just “click bait”.

So it’s a bit hypocritical that I’m once again going to predict a crisis in the near future for car supply. In my defence, gotta love those clicks!

The issue is the perfect storm we seem to have with Brexit and Covid and Lithium and Cobalt and other things that need to move around a global workshop to put cars on people’s drives. The final straw that may be about to break the camel’s back: Semiconductors, or rather the lack thereof.

Of course I hope I’m wrong, but a client has just been told that the earliest they can have a BMW X3 PHEV is end of April….next year.

So can my friends in the OEMs please correct me and assure us that there’s going to be plenty of stock this summer, although it may be snowing.