The ZX Spectrum and EV charging infrastructure…

23rd April 1982; Clive Sinclair launches his ZX Spectrum 8-bit personal computer, and in its own way, it changed the world.

But welcome as the Spectrum was, it wasn’t the answer. It was the first baby steps on a journey we’re still on, a journey that gave us iPads, smartwatches, Alexa, and i7 laptops….

This is my worry with the demands being made on Government to invest millions, billions even, in chargers for EVs. A new EV can do 150 to, what, 300 miles on a charge in the real world? Well next year’s Mercedes EQXX will do 620 miles. How long does it take the drive 620 miles, in the UK, 10 hours? Surely more than that? So the EQXX has a range that exceeds even extreme daily use. For the average UK driver, it will only need charging twice a month…

I’d argue, therefore, that the charging problem is already solved. Owners of EQXXs who can charge at home will only have to charge there. People who can’t charge at home will be spoilt for choice as every available space will have a super-charger on it.

In 5 years EVs with electric ranges like the EQXX will be old hat, and with a much lower ticket price.

Surely planning for a future based on what an EV needs today is about as relevant as building your business IT strategy around the limitations of a ZX Spectrum?