Phew, what a week…

As is so often the case all our buses arrived together this week, with three significant go-lives.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new CarReward salary sacrifice platform in concert with Pink Salary Exchange. This revolutionises the way that SMEs can set-up and launch their own low emission vehicle sacrifice schemes for directors and employees, all online and in as little as eight minutes.
For more information, please go to

In the same week we’ve launched the much anticipated “core2” version of the expatUX assignee compliance tool-set. This takes management of global compliance for assignees to a new level and introduces the concept of the fully configurable global organiser, right down to the individual client level.

And a national retailer has gone live with our esparx HR communication/workflow tool for around 8,000 employees in the UK.

These are major milestones for our still-young business and as a team we are both delighted, and a little bit knackered. Thank you to our new clients, we’re delighted to be working with you!