Facts, facts, facts. It’s where we always look first. So we were interested to dig a little into the Net Zero Strategy: emissions taxonomy to better understand where the UK’s CO2 emissions are coming from.

The graph below shows the split and you can see that transport is the biggest slice of the pie, responsible for nearly a quarter of all emissions, and that cars are the source of just over half of that.

This backs up the Government’s assertion that there needs to be a significant shift to use of cars with zero tailpipe emissions.

The announcement earlier this week of the net zero strategy is welcome, but we really need to start to see the detail around how this shift is going to be incentivised.

Salary Sacrifice is a great example of how HMG can have a significant impact on consumer behaviour with a huge number of companies setting up schemes, most of which, in our experience, are EV only.

However with over 33 million ICE cars on our roads we have a mountain to climb here and next week’s Budget is a good opportunity for HMG to show us clear direction of travel.