Clearly we need to be careful reading too much into 2021 UK new car registrations given the crazy year we’ve just had. A combination of COVID and chip shortages meant that overall only 1.65m cars were registered, slightly up on 2020 but well short of “normal”.

In December 1 in 4 new cars was fully electric. The second best-selling car in the country in 2021 was the Tesla 3!

Across the whole year, a majority of the new cars registered were still petrols (inc. MHEV) at 58% (down 5% on the year before), then diesels at 14% (6% lower). For the whole year BEVs were 12% of the total (5% improvement compared to the previous year), then hybrids at 9%, and finally PHEVs at 7%. From the graph below, It is clear that the proportion of BEV sales was rising month on month and by December they represented 26% of the whole.

Hopefully in 2022, we’ll see some normalisation of supply and demand and the market will return to its normal size. IF BEV continues to grow market share at the 2021 rate we’ll see over 500 thousand new EVs on the road in 2022.