26% of all new cars registered in December were fully electric.

I’ve read a lot about this on this forum, with a lot of commentators hailing it as the new normal. And it is good news. But is it the new normal?

in my post on the subject, I started with the line “clearly we need to be careful reading too much into 2021 UK new car registrations given the crazy year we’ve just had”. Covid, semiconductors and the resulting supply chain issues, transpired to give us a year where hundreds of thousands of units were not sold in the UK, because they weren’t available.

The graph below is interesting because it shows the sharp increase in EV take-up month on month, particularly since the summer. This suggests there is a clear trend. However, we might argue that demand is currently much higher than supply and there are a bunch of reasons why an OEM, handed a bucket full of semiconductors, will put them into EVs and not ICE cars

As supply stabilises it’ll be interesting to see whether the proportion of EVs continues to trend up from the 26% in December 2021. If it does then nobody will be happier than us. All I’m saying is beware making judgments on data from what is clearly an unusual marketplace.