The UK was the FOURTH biggest market for plug in vehicles globally in 2021 (up from 5th in 2020).

The graph and table below show how the split between the top ten has changed over the last three years.

China remains the world’s largest market with 50% of all new BEV and PHEVs registered globally in 2021, also the biggest increase year on year at 154%.

Germany came 2nd, still registered slightly more than the whole of the US in 3rd, but the latter is catching up (up 104% on the previous year).

The UK was fourth with nearly 5% of the world’s plug in vehicles, up 80% year on year.

Even plagued by the chip shortage globally just under 6.8m EVs and PHEVs were sold last year, up 108% on 2020. Could we exceed 10m in 2022?

If shortages of materials like Cobalt, Lithium, Nickel, etc, are going to bite, will we start to see the implications of that soon?