The UK was the fourth largest market in the world for EVs/PHEVs in 2021. We thought it might be interesting to look at the top eight not only in terms of absolute market share, but by GDP and populations. As you can see from the table below, we get some very different results.

China dominates EV sales, with over half the global market and total volumes up by over 150% on 2021. But in per capita terms, China comes only 7th. Northern European countries take the six top spots, with Norway number 1 (by a significant margin). The USA (3rd in absolute terms, beaten by Germany) doesn’t even make the top eight.

Expressed by GDP, Norway is still number 1, with China 2nd. Again the USA doesn’t make the top eight.

As the numbers of EVs sold continues to grow it seems logical that the US will move up these charts, taking a significant chunk of the global supply.